Construction Law
Construction Law - Contracts & Mechanic's Liens
Construction Law Services

From licensing issues to contract drafting and review to
assistance with on-the-job disputes to litigation, the Mr.
Starrett is are experienced and knowledgeable.  Construction
is an area unlike any other trade or business. The unique
laws of licensing, mechanic’s liens and related payment
remedies, and contract interpretation are not always well
known among even the most experienced veterans within the
construction industry. On the other hand, the fast pace of
construction as well as the need for coordination among
trades require that when an issue arises on a job, it is given
immediate attention.

Mr. Starrett is provides aggressive, knowledgeable and cost-
effective representation to the construction industry and to
those who interact with the industry. Our current clients
include contractors, materials suppliers, equipment
companies, architects, and engineers. Our experience
enables us to effectively consult with clients regarding the
various goals that might be achieved via communications
and demands to other parties and public entities.  Mr. Starrett
is prepared to handle litigations and arbitrations from
inception through trial.  Mr. Starrett prides himself on our
efficiency, whether we are asked to become involved on one
small issue or to pursue aggressive, “scorched earth”
litigation efforts.

Construction Collections

Mr. Starrett consults with individual businesses on their
collection practices, including contract language, the timing of
invoices and demands for payment, and simple means of
ensuring that mechanic’s lien, stop notice, and bond rights
are preserved. Ideally, the client is able to perfect its own in-
house collection strategies such that there is no need to
retain an attorney to pursue collection.

For instances in which an attorney is necessary to pursue
collection, Mr. Starrett is well-versed in making demands for
payment and communicating with the parties that owe money
to the client, to advise the client on its rights, and to pursue
litigation.  At all stages, the “bottom line” result is
emphasized, unless the client directs otherwise.  When
necessary, litigation is pursued aggressively but with the
client remaining apprised of events as they occur and,
perhaps more importantly, the events that the client can
expect to occur in both the immediate and more distant future.
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Other Services

Legal issues within the construction
industry are not limited to contracts,
collections, performance, and defect

The firm assists clients with licensing
issues, bonding issues, and other issues
that might arise.

For issues unrelated to construction, our
firm’s general experience prepares us to
handle just about any issue that might arise
for an individual or business. If a client has
an issue that is outside of our expertise, we
will be forthright in acknowledging this and
will assist in locating the right attorney for
the client.

What's New

Please visit our chart summarizing
mechanics' lien time deadlines for our
construction industry clients.

Collection Articles

Please visit our blog to read an articles on
collecting judgments
Call toll free within California:
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